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After spending some time as a sergeant in the Royal Dutch Military Police, I decided to go to Law School, specialized in IT Law  and was one of the first to actually finish University by means of email, building a legal knowledge system that reviewed software contracts using the very first baby-steps in artificial intelligence. I have spent my entire career in the IT industry, primarily in US software companies, such as Compuware, webMethods (now Software AG), Progress Software, ServiceNow, CrowdStrike and Avepoint. Besides being responsible for all international legal issues and operations I have been a  member of the management teams; board member of international subsidiaries and authorized signatory. I have been fortunate to have spent the majority of the time in exciting, challenging and enjoyable environments of rapid growth or even hyper-growth The last decade experienced going public with SaaS-/Cloud- companies through IPO's or SPAC's a number of times

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We are an alliance of software company executives with many years of experience


With careers spanning startups, multinationals and more recently open source and SaaS based organisations. To date we have worked mainly with VC’s, focusing primarily on helping optimise the sales, marketing and legal functions of their portfolio companies. Typically this is both pre investment to help with due diligence and optimisation of high growth companies, but can also be a longer term engagement post investment.


In addition to the partners we have a network of cohorts who share the same characteristic as the partners, highly  experienced people with the same depth, knowledge and time in the industry as the partners.  


I have been fortunate enough to have worked in some of the very best large organisations such as HP and experienced first hand the excitement of growing software organisations from scratch. The last company I worked for was Elastic where I was a very early hire and led sales in EMEA.  We grew the team from a handful of people and a few hundred thousand $ in revenue to being successfully floated on the NYSE 4 years later.


In that time the GTM strategy adopted by software companies has changed immeasurably, however, the basic building blocks critical to long-term success have endured. I am passionate about new technology, in particular, SaaS and Opensource as a delivery model and love putting my experience to use in helping early-stage software companies achieve their ambitions. 


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I have been in the IT industry for over three decades, beginning in a world where Microsoft and Apple were startups, nobody had a mobile phone and a 25MB disk drive cost 50k.


My career has spanned multinationals, early stage ventures, consultancies and more recently open source and SaaS based organisations. Although the landscape has changed almost beyond recognition, the distillation of all of this experience is a number of basic tenets about what makes an IT company world class rather than an also ran.


Views shared with my triMar colleagues - something we would like to share with you.

More recently, I have started a supplementary career as a blues rock guitarist should you need to book a band for your corporate events!!


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